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Really glad having the opportunity to take this course close to home. A very informative day, lots to learn and cover. Great to cover things first in class with explanation and discussion then to apply this hands on with the demo horses. Being able to work on Stormy, a 33yr old pony mare really makes you realize the difference it makes in good health care when you work hands on with a horse this age in such a wonderful condition.


It was a very educational day for me. I loved it and Des answered all my questions. Everyone who has horses should take it.


I am hoping to get into veterinary medicine, and one of the suggested prerequisites is experience with large domestic animals. I have almost no experience with horses, and I thought this would be a good chance to get some hands-on experience while learning a useful skill. Desiree didn't disappoint. It was obvious that she has a keen understanding of horses and their behaviour. She was patient and thorough despite having a group of widely ranging ages and experience levels, and she's been extremely helpful by suggesting other ways I can gain more experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.


WCVM Veterinary Medicine Student

On behalf of The Lashburn Ridge Riders 4-H Club, we as a club recommend Desiree Nelson as a wonderful Equine First Aid Instructor. We recommend her as she is very patient and worked well with all our members, she also kept everyone's attention from our clover buds to our seniors. She got everyone equally involved in an informative and fun manner. She was polite and patient if we were unsure about participating at certain parts but reassured us that nothing would happen and created a well structured learning environment. We would highly recommend Desiree as a instructor and thank her for this opportunity to learn so much.

-Lashburn Ridge Riders 4-H

I emigrated to Saskatchewan from Great Britain and realized this was my opportunity to do what I had always dreamed of... horses. Desiree gave me my first glimpse of that opportunity. Taking the equine first aid course was my first step and Desiree delivered an amazing day of information and hands on experience. I know now I can work towards having horses with the confidence and guidance that I gained by attending this course. From the moment I arrived at the facilities and shook Pamela (the facility owner's hand), I knew that I was in great and experienced hands. Everybody that was there that day made the experience worth its weight in gold and I would recommend this course to anyone, experienced or inexperienced, and I look forward to renewing my certificate in the future. Thank you!

~Lady Nicola

The course was a day well spent. I learned a lot of information from Desiree. Our group had very good discussions regarding course and prior experience. I would recommend this course to anyone with a horse.


I am way more confident now after taking the Equine First Aid course! The first aid course helped me realize that if there is something going on I don't just have to sit there and watch! The mixture of in class and hands on training really helps to makes you fully aware of what all you can and should do. I was not prepared for most situations and now I don't just sit there during it but actually get to help. It was alot of fun and very educational. Desiree was an amazing teacher and made sure everyone knew what they were doing, as well as kept them in the loop so no one was left out. She was interested in our ideas as well as teaching us, she is an amazing instructor.

~Melody, (new horse owner)

Took the course and it was a great learning experience.The hands on was terrific and the part I liked most as I learn easiest by doing. My daughter attended the course with me,the presentation of the material was given in a way that she understood and was excited to learn and try. She also loved the hands on portion and being able to actually try the methods on the horses. There was definatley something for everyone to learn and benefit from. Whether a first time horse owner or someone who has owned for many years,this was worth the experience.Thank you.


This is a great course for all ages and levels of experience. Many of the aspects were a refresher for me, however the two aspects that stood out were the "boot" and the "preventative approach." With the preventative approach you can really see the horse relax, as well as the immediate impact it has on their body. The ability to partner with other participants during the hands on portion, allows you to discuss and demonstrate while the instructor is helping another group. I hope I won't have to use the skills I have learned, but if I do, I know I will feel confident. The manual, handouts, and instruction were thorough. You can approach Des with any question and she does a great job of explaining so that any age can understand. It was well worth it and I will definitely take it again when I need recertification.


I took the Equi-Health course on one of the coldest days of February! But we had a lot of fun! Desiree was very helpful and informative, the day went very smooth and we learned so much in one day! I use the [preventative approach] on my horse Jake, almost every time I ride! And does he ever enjoy it! A big thank you to Des and everyone else that was involved! It was a great learning experience.If your thinking of taking it, don't hesitate! You will learn so much even if you have been around horses for ever!

~ Ryan W

As an Equine Canada Coach and owner of a stable, I found this one-day course to be very informative and beneficial, and would highly recommend it to anyone with an equine interest. Positive feedback regarding both the course and the instructor have been shared by novice, as well as experienced horse people. We appreciate the benefits that this course provides, with having participants trained in Equine First Aid at our facility. As with human first aid we always hope that it is never necessary to utilize; yet appreciate the many benefits of taking these programs.